Craving 'Proper' Coffee On-The-Go? We've Got You Covered!

    While we're not coffee snobs here at UK Tea & Coffee, we do like our caffeine fixes served in a certain way. We're a bit spoilt, though; when you work in an office surrounded by quality coffee, it's inevitable that you develop a taste for the good stuff, right?

    The problem with having access to delicious coffee five days a week is that it quickly ruins other coffees for you. Because of this, we often find ourselves craving 'proper' coffee when we're out and about – especially when we're travelling, staying in hotels, and not able to bring our beloved coffee machines along with us. OK, maybe we are coffee snobs. Just a little bit. 

    Luckily, we've found a solution to our caffeine-related travelling woes, inspired by the very British tendency to take your own tea bags on holiday so you're never caught short in unfamiliar surroundings. Say hello to our coffee bags!


    The best thing about these coffee bags? They're filled with one of our most popular coffee blends, Bandersnatch, so you can enjoy the same flavour wherever you are. This blend comprises 100% arabica beans, sourced from central America, and features subtle citrus notes, for a zesty kick, balanced out by smooth vanilla tones. 

    Simply pop one of these bags into a coffee pot, add boiling water, wait five minutes, remove, and enjoy. We didn't really need to tell you that, though, because it's exactly the same as making a good pot of tea. Easy peasy.

    The bags are currently available in 50g servings, and are available to buy in bulk only for the time being. Interested to learn more? Check them out here


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