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    We've all seen (and marvelled at) the wonders of latte art, but today at UK Tea & Coffee we've spent perhaps a bit more time than we should have done scrolling through the #3Dlatteart tag on Instagram.

    Having done our research, it seems that 3D latte art isn't quite as complex as it looks; there's just a couple of additional steps involved in the process of taking latte art from 2D to impressive 3D form. As any barista worth their salt will already know, the art of creating the latte itself – not just the pretty bit on top of it –  weighs heavily on the creation of tiny microfoam bubbles. If the microfoam bubbles topping off your drink are too large, you're most likely veering into cappuccino territory, thus scuppering any of your planned attempts at finish your creation with artful flair.

    And so with 3D latte art, the key is, as ever, to nail your microfoam consistency. After that, you want to create a more full-bodied foam to fashion into 3D shapes and – perhaps more importantly – you need a steady hand.

    While coffee snobs might not love the idea of 3D latte art – needless to say, being for purely aesthetic purposes, it doesn't add any depth of flavour to your drink – we really like the fun, Instagram-friendly element of this concept, so we're giving it a thumbs up. This sort of barista wizardry is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a big deal in Japan, with the Japanese latte artist Kazuki Yamamoto going viral a few years ago because of his epic 3D latte art creations. 

    Only time will tell whether 3D latte art will make its way into mainstream barista culture across the UK. We're guessing it'll remain the preserve of niche cafés for the time being. In the meantime, we'll make do with admiring frothy animals (and, er, Pokémon characters) created on the other side of the world.

    Scroll down to see some of the most impressive 3D latte art we've spotted so far...

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